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Over the years I have built a number of tools, game prototypes, proof of concepts, and other miscellaneous ephemera. A large portion of this, while extremely instructive to me at the time, is complete garbage that I don’t want to show to anyone (especially things from before I learned to indent and not have everything in one file). There are, however, a few diamonds in the rough and a few tools that people might actually find useful or amusing, and so I shall endeavor to tidy them up, bring them in line with the latest version of SDL (1.2.15 at time of posting) and stick them in here as time allows.

Pixel Packing Mama

I threw this together specifically to count out pixels for pushpin murals years ago, and have been making improvements lately with the advent of Pushpin Zelda. Just drag the image onto the .exe and watch as it gives you a nice handy dandy list as output.bmp (or a text list in stdout.txt). Not necessarily fast or elegant, but it gets the job done. Most of the pixel counting operation stuff is still really hackish.

Pixel Packing Mama Executable & Source (Requires SDL, SDL_Image and SDL_TTF to compile).

P.S. Yes, I do tend to name my projects as song references/puns. If I ever do a pathfinding tutorial, I will call it ‘Swinging on A*’.

P.P.S. I am also aware that using an unsorted linked list for this particular application is horribly inefficient. It only takes about 10 seconds to do a 4096×4096 image, and if you’re going to do a mural with more than 16 Million pins, I think you have the seconds to spare.


Where I spend a weekend recreating a game and then post the source code.

Invaded Space (Space Invaders)

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