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On Running A Webserver


For some unknowable reason, WordPress was unable to figure out where it’s installed, despite that not changing for let me check here… 5 years. I also can’t SSH into the damn thing for some unknown reason, which makes fixing things even harder and I’m pretty sure precludes the ‘fine I’ll just do it myself’ option. This is also wordpress’s biggest flaw, you need to balance not being an idiot with just 0777ing your entire /public_html so things just work. I’ve put a couple hours into this already, which is annoying.

In the process of all this, I also htaccessed some file into oblivion that was being brute forced to the tune of about 3 gigs/month. Now that’s persistence.

And the CPanel admin account has 18000 emails from backscatter for non-existent emails. *deeper sigh*. Double checked the email settings to make sure I’m not actually spamming people, but SMTP traffic for december is 250kb, I figure I’m good.

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