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On Curses and New Technology

So my PAX phone curse hit earlier in the month than usual, but was still powerful enough to reduce my Nexus 4 to unusable slag. For those keeping score at home, that’s 5 for 6.

Fortunately Google ships quickly. Unfortunately the only nexus device available for sale at the moment is the Nexus 6, which is about an inch larger than my previous phone. This is too big for my tastes (same footprint as a bloody 3DS XL) and I do not have enough pockets to be able to handle it gracefully. It’s also the first time my holster, originally for a HP Windows CE smartphone monstrosity, has proven to be insufficient. We’ve also transitioned to nano-sims for that extra little bonus pain. I now have a sim cutter if anyone needs to borrow it.

As to the phone itself, it sure is a phablet with Android Lolipop. I do appreciate that I no longer have to install Tasker to have a schedule where my phone knows when to be silent, though I am missing the ability to trigger off of cell towers and wifi networks. I’ll dig out my laptop and root it at some point, since I’m also missing the ability to deny apps the ability to do things with droidwall.

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