Pseudo Review: Path of Exile - Procedurally Generated

Pseudo Review: Path of Exile

Path of Exile is basically Diablo 2 with a few tweaks, and always online and F2P.

Like so diablo 2 it hurts.

Like so Diablo 2 it hurts. At least the potions recharge instead of requiring stacks of consumables.

The main draw of the game is its massive skill tree, allowing you to specialize pretty heavily. The meta seems to be focused around the hardcore ladders and constantly building new characters to try out different builds.

Which is also it's barrier to entry.

This is also its barrier to entry, this is basically a third of it. Each class starts at a different point on the grid, so in theory you can take any node if you’re willing to spend the points to get there.

If you were looking for more Diablo 2, this is probably worth looking into. Other than that it’s free, so you can always try and see if you like it.

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