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On Disappointment

Whelp, that's that I guess.

Whelp, that’s that I guess. We’d finally gotten to the part where the show was improving, but, no.

Region locking remains the stupidest thing, especially since I could easily bypass this in a number of ways, either a VPN, routing through my webserver, or installing an addon that mods the HTTP headers. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort though, the ads were too often and the same every time, and a lot of the early 2000’s guests were there to talk about their new TV show which didn’t end up being very good.

Stupid heat wave.

Also this. Stupid heat wave. Just add on 4-5 degrees for the actual non-airport temperature.

Of course the 14 day looks much the same, because of course it does.  I swear I’m going soft, the heat didn’t bother me nearly as much last year.

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