First Impressions: Mini Metro Early Access - Procedurally Generated

First Impressions: Mini Metro Early Access

Mini Metro puts you in charge of designing a metro line for a city. You start off drawing lines between three stations, and things escalate until you’re looking at some cthuluesque monstrosity of a metro line wondering how you ended up there. Each week you get additional resources to improve your metro line.

Leave too many people sitting at a station for too long and you lose.

Move the little black shapes to corresponding white shapes. Leave too many people sitting at a station for too long and you lose.

Each of the cities has their own little twist. You can deploy shinkansen (Bullet Trains) in Osaka, while New York gives you lots of interchanges.

Ugly, but somehow working.

Or a city planner who puts all your specialty stations on islands *grableraaaaargh*

There’s a lot to like here, but attempting to go for the leaderboards is an exercise in madness due to the RNG factor. Random station placement is good because it means that levels aren’t a solvable problem, but also means you could end up in a situation like the image above, where you’re forced to spend a tunnel on a corner of some water, or you don’t get a new line when you really need one. Overall, I’d say it’s worth a look.

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