Pseudo Review: Crimsonland - Procedurally Generated

Pseudo Review: Crimsonland

Crimsonland is a top-down arena shooter. It’s also an indie game from the era of game portals.

With snazzy new-ish graphics.

It has been updated for steam with snazzy new-ish graphics and UI, which I appreciate and also don’t like.

Doing a decade-to-decade comparison, I’m unsure how well it holds up. The truly impressive number of enemies in the early 2000’s isn’t impressive anymore, and the single looping music track is now noticeably bad. The gameplay holds up and survival mode is still fun, but there’s a lot of filler quests to play before you unlock everything. They have fixed some of the more hilarious bugs and combinations, but the new UI is at best a sidegrade.

In a ‘this decade’ sense, it’s decent, but you can probably find something more entertaining in the genre for the same amount of money, like Nuclear Throne or Teleglitch.

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