On Rabbit Holes - Procedurally Generated

On Rabbit Holes

So I recently noticed this:

Thanks WordPress, that looks amazing...

Thanks WordPress, that looks amazing…

Inspecting the element, it appears to be a usability thing for screen-readers that I feel I can probably kill without affecting any of my readership.

Yep, pretty safe bet.

Yep, pretty safe bet. It’s also a pretty safe bet most of those were comment-bots.

I love having analytics and webmaster tools, even if they’re mostly pointless on a site like this. On that note… Huh, I appear to be pointing the sitemap link to somewhere that doesn’t exist any more. For at least a year. Whoops. Well, may as well fix that while we’re poking around. And whats this?

Analytics Referal Spam? Seriously?

Analytics Referral Spam? Seriously?

I don’t even know how this could possibly be worth someone’s time. At least with comment spam there’s a chance it might get through Akismet, and a chance some schmuck will really want cheap knockoff handbags or whatever it is this month (shoes and cosmetics apparently). Whatever, isn’t worth the effort of fixing. Let’s get back to the minor aesthetic issue and hope we don’t have to dive into the PHP to fix it, or break the theme I made years ago and haven’t touched since.

Aaaaand nope, visual editor can’t do it, so we’re going hunting. It’s <label class=”screen-reader-text”> season. Of course, looking through the PHP for the theme, it becomes obvious that this is a WordPress PHP issue, so we’re left with little resource but to cheat using CSS. Sure, I could mess with the official PHP files, but those would just get overwritten any time WordPress updated.

A little label.screen-reader-text{display: none;} in the CSS file and the problem is dealt with until they change something. Hooray.

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