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On Cultural Influence

Recently I’ve noticed a lot more of my consumed content has shifted away from video towards Asia-based light novels and manga (with all the broken English that entails), but within that itself a noticeable shift from Japanese to Korean. Despite this, I know basically nothing about Korea, especially in comparison to Japan, where I’ve picked up a fair bit over the years. I’m not sure yet if that’s just a function of time, or if Korean stories are just predisposed to leave out local culture to focus on character or story.

All of this got me thinking of where my influences were coming from, which turns out is not as easy to categorize as you might think. A rough guesstimate is:

55% – North America – Pretty hard to sort out Canada from the US here, but largely the coasts and not much from the center. Television, webcomics, podcasts, the occasional movie.

20% – Japan – Anime, Manga, Light Novels

15% – UK – Panel Shows and the good TV

9% – Korean – Manwhas and Light Novels

1% – Australian – The occasional Australian TV show

Largely though, this opened my eyes to my blind spots. I didn’t really consider streaming and lets plays in my first consideration (despite the LRR streams being a significant chunk of my consumption), and video games were hard to categorize without looking at each individual developer, and even then seemed largely cultureless. I wonder if that’s a function of largely fantasy settings, a mostly western bias, or more of a focus on mechanic interactions. Also of note, I don’t appear to be taking any text out of Europe. Is there a German version of Baka-Tsuki that I’m just not aware of, or is there just no interest in it?

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