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On Avenging

Or, my bi-annual Marvel-based reminder why I don’t patronize movie theaters regularly. The rise of the play-along apps has added another 5 minutes to an already bloated opening, and trailers continue to negate the point of seeing the movie they’re promoting.

It was pretty great, and probably close to the best it could be considering the limitations set by being a universe state-change for the next Captain America, currently running Agents of Shield, the next two Avengers, and maybe even next Guardians of the Galaxy. It is very much held together by banter and interplays between characters, which leads me to believe DC is even more screwed than the general consensus. Honestly, the LEGO Movie has the most Justice League potential, if only because it would be entertaining to watch a lighthearted parody justice league instead of the grimdark one DC seems hellbent on putting together.

The truly sad thing is, even if they were at the top of their game, DC can’t ever make a more competent Justice League than they’ve already done. Justice League/Justice League Unlimited was pretty amazing, and the movies are always going to fall short of that mark, because they don’t have the roster or the rogue’s gallery and won’t be able to build it up that far without a massive investment.

Which brings us back around to Marvel. They’re backdooring not-quite-mutants ‘the Inhumans’ via Agents of Shield, the newest TV series ‘Daredevil’ is on Netflix and is well worth a watch (and there’s another three Marvel TV shows heading down that pipe). Hell, Sony can’t help themselves, so they’re rebooting Spider Man again such that Marvel can use him and then they can make another couple shitty movies that everyone pretends didn’t happen (Sadly, Spidey is probably a one-off for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s too much nonsense film rights and tarnishing the brand by association unless something miraculous happens).

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