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On Deaths of Websites

So Joystiq has kicked the bucket and Club Nintendo is shutting it’s doors for a yet unannounced different loyalty program.

Joystiq closing is a bit of a blow. Not because I went to the site at all, but because it hadn’t devolved into massive amounts of clickbait and top X lists. That and this is just another in a long line of closures. I stopped reading Kotaku ages ago, and started reading the Escapist. I stopped frequenting the Escapist when they went all top X all the time, and took shelter at Rock Paper Shotgun. There aren’t many places left to retreat to, maybe Polygon? Youtube may be the future, but it sure sucks if you just want a quick, easy to browse collection of relevant news.

Club Nintendo closing is more an annoyance than anything, so many surveys to answer in the vain hope that something decent will be available for download/I get lucky and grab some physical reward when they first pop up. There was some neat stuff occasionally, though the only good Elite reward was the first year. They also seem to persist in refusing to offer super nintendo games as downloads for handhelds. I would kill to have Super Mario RPG or Earthbound on my 3DS, why are there only NES games, when my GBA could play SNES games. Nintendo’s downloadable strategy remains… poorly thought out.

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