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Initial Adventures In Oculus Rifting

The weekend didn’t exactly go to plan. A lot of my time was spent attempting to get the oculus rift to actually work with my PC.

Right off, it turned out my HDMI port was a mini-HDMI port, so that meant it was time to use the included DVI adapter. Sure I lose my second screen whenever I want to use the rift, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference, aside from never having an organized desktop again.

And then the adapter didn’t fit because it had so much extranious plastic. 10 minutes with a  file later and magically it fit.

Then came actually getting it to work with my PC properly. Long story short, it required updating my video drivers, detecting the rift as an extended monitor in windows, then disabling the monitor in the NVidia control panel, which finally allowed the direct-to-rift functionality to work.

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  1. So with it being early September now, what did you see at PAX?

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