Wherein UPlay Once Again Draws My Ire - Procedurally Generated

Wherein UPlay Once Again Draws My Ire

So I grabbed Heroes of Might and Magic 6 (or however they’re doing the title now), mainly out of a lingering fondness for the much older games, plus after the previous couple disappointments with similar games, I wanted to seeĀ  how the latest iteration was doing.

I found much to my dismay that this was a UPlay enabled game far too late to request a refund. It was already installed and I might have been willing to give it a chance with a throwaway account, right up until the 15 minutes of updating UPlay for the privilege of being able to play the game. It was at this point when I sighed, and scrubbed my hard drive of this cancer, which didn’t uninstall when the game did.

I did figure out what I didn’t like about the battle part of Endless Legend and Age of Wonders III was the one unit production. The strategy layer doesn’t work as well with the single units as compared to the massive stacks of weak units and the costly but super effective if used right single units. No regenerating health, if you mis-used something you lost production because of it, and you could have a battle where you inflicted actual measurable casualties on the enemy that hurt them.

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