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One Season Wonders: The Good Guys

So now that I’ve got the full time job, the 8 season TV show binges are a little beyond the scope of my free time. So I thought I’d go through some of the one season wonders, either cut down before their time, or those that got the axe righteously.  Our maiden voyage is The Good Guys(2010). I really hate TV having the same name of the show across different regions, like The Office, or several different shows with the same name across different decades.

The Good Guys is a low-budget 45 minute buddy-cop comedy police procedural. Straight laced rookie paired with the drunken black sheep of the department who polices like it’s still the 70’s but gets away with it because he rescued the Governor’s son once. The reasons to watch are, in order:

  • Bradley Whitford in a magnificent mustache.
  • The long-lost art of the car chase
  • Cheese Factor: Five

You definitely have to be in the right mood for this. If you are, it’s absolute gold, if you’re not it’s pretty grating.

Definitely a show I wish had stuck around longer.

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