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Humble Idiocy

So a change the humble bundles have made has ensured I’m unlikely to ever buy one again.

Previously, you were given steam keys and you simply had to stick em into the steam client to redeem them. Now, they link your humble account to your steam library, which increases the hassle involved in redeeming software about fivefold and has the added side effect that I can’t give away steam keys for games I already own.

In the past, I was quite happy to buy bundles where I already owned things because I had the freedom to share steam keys with friends for games on their wishlist, or just really good games that I think deserve playing, like Bastion. It was a required value add, especially considering my considerable collection and sturgeons law.

Edit: Someone pointed out you can still gift steam keys. So it’s no longer that I can’t give them away, it’s just that it is such a massive hassle that unless I have a specific game in mind for someone, it may as well be what I previously thought.

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  1. It is still possible to gift steam keys from humble bundle.

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