Televisual Treatise: 7 Days - Procedurally Generated

Televisual Treatise: 7 Days

I’ll be running through some of the terrible and terrific TV I’ve had the pleasure/pain of watching through. Only completed series though to keep things manageable.

Premise: The US government has a top secret device that allows one man to go back in time exactly 7 days to avert disasters.

  • Sci-Fi Action Adventure, flavour of the week episodic.
  • US, 3 Seasons (1998-2001), 22 episodes a season, 42 minute run-time.
  • Cheese Factor: Medium.
  • Will They Wont They: Entirety.
  • Cliffhanger Cancellation: Not really. No wrap up, but no overarching story cut short either, go episodic!

Overall, pretty enjoyable if decidedly 90’s. No redeeming qualities that demand watching, turn off your brain and enjoy.  They use their central premise well without falling too hard into formula, though they seem to have taken their device malfunction scenarios straight out of Stargate SG1 (or whoever Stargate was aping). The world also blows up a lot, because they can.

You can find the full series on youtube from non-official channels, so I guess they aren’t super interested in defending it.

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