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Adventures In Unity: Learning New Systems Is Fun

So I’ve been slacking on the site content, mainly because I’ve been messing with Unity and the Orthello extension library for 2D graphics stuff and working on ‘attack of the clones’ with C++/SDL when I’m not doing that.

Not easy to see in the screenshot, but that's animated parallaxing Ryan art.

Not easy to see in the screenshot, but that’s animated parallaxing Ryan art.

I quite enjoy the ease with which it is possible to accomplish things I would normally have to spend a long time to do myself, but there’s definitely some rough edges I’m not quite used to yet. For starters, the debugging when the program is fantastic, you can modify variables and textures during runtime, the problem being that your changes don’t cascade back, so if you’ve left the program running and solve a problem, that vanishes into the void when the program ends. Also, when unity and orthello have a tiff, variables shared between the two can revert to the orthello setting, so you’ll make changes and they’ll revert on run. This is hardly ideal, especially when you are just learning the system.

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