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On Odd Psychology

So Teslagrad was frustrating me playing it, so I decided to watch a lets-play of it because I wanted to see what else was in the game. Then I was frustrated that the let’s player wasn’t playing the game right. Thanks brain, that’s nice and rational.

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On 80 Hour Workweeks

I don’t recommend them.

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On Page Rank

I’m pretty sure I have to start a blood feud with the developers of No Man’s Sky. Every E3 the gaming press falls all over themselves and my pagerank for ‘procedurally generated’ drops by a noticable factor. Two years ago I was on the first page, a year ago, the fourth, and now, the 36th […]

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On Cloud-Based Solutions

So almost my entire week was effectively wasted on bullshit because Heroku decided to randomly stop working. For those of you who don’t know what Heroku is, it’s a cloud based worker spawner with the absolute bare minimum of a scheduler tacked on. You pay for CPU time, so if you just have a bunch […]

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On Several Bridges Too Far

So I just heard a disembodied voice coming from my headphones on the floor announcing “Congratulations, you’ve won a trophy”. My immediate thought was “Ah crap, which web window did that/how infected with malware am I”. Turns out, it was my mouse driver software, which has helpfully been running in the background every time I […]

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On Keyboards

So my keyboard is currently a Saitek Eclipse II. It has some issues like the keyboard itself is kinda meh and the spacebar is a bit wonky, but it’s solid, backlit, and has the correct keyboard layout. The only thing is, no longer produced and I’m gonna need a new one sooner or later, so […]

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Adventures in Hardware Issues

So I’m typing this on my desktop for a change. The router has been replaced and I have internet access again! On the flipside, my computer, which the first time I had to restart this year was March, is now freezing up 3 or 4 times a week. It’s also now randomly halting for seconds […]

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On Logins

I just went to log into my email and instead logged into my work email without even thinking about it. So that’s a thing.

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Adventures in Infuriation

I’ve basically been without internet on my desktop for two days now and I am incensed. I’ve reset my IP stack, I’ve tried to get wireless tethering going to see if the issue actually is the router or not (which failed because apparantly you aren’t allowed to share wireless connections over usb on the nexus4, […]

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On The Files Of Dresden

The new Dresden Files is out, and it was pretty good, though it was by necessity a bit groundworky for the remainder of the series. On the one hand I’m happy because new content, but on the other I’m annoyed because release schedules for books are so shit. Won’t be another one for at least […]

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