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On Running A Webserver

*Sigh* For some unknowable reason, WordPress was unable to figure out where it’s installed, despite that not changing for let me check here… 5 years. I also can’t SSH into the damn thing for some unknown reason, which makes fixing things even harder and I’m pretty sure precludes the ‘fine I’ll just do it myself’ […]

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On Regional Pricing

So I opened up steam and found this lovely surprise. *Sigh* Ignoring opening pre-orders 6 months early, sixty dollars was already a price point I was barely willing to pay, for a rare few games that I was assured quality and hundreds of hours of entertainment. I loved the new version of XCOM, generally like […]

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On Disappointment

Region locking remains the stupidest thing, especially since I could easily bypass this in a number of ways, either a VPN, routing through my webserver, or installing an addon that mods the HTTP headers. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort though, the ads were too often and the same every time, and a lot […]

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On Cultural Influence

Recently I’ve noticed a lot more of my consumed content has shifted away from video towards Asia-based light novels and manga (with all the broken English that entails), but within that itself a noticeable shift from Japanese to Korean. Despite this, I know basically nothing about Korea, especially in comparison to Japan, where I’ve picked […]

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On Avenging

Or, my bi-annual Marvel-based reminder why I don’t patronize movie theaters regularly. The rise of the play-along apps has added another 5 minutes to an already bloated opening, and trailers continue to negate the point of seeing the movie they’re promoting. It was pretty great, and probably close to the best it could be considering […]

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Adventures In Futility Featuring Ruby

So the program I’ve written has a semi-severe memory leak which means it needs to be restarted about once a week. Days upon days later, it still has a memory leak. I just cannot get a handle on it, because Ruby is horrible. There are memory profiling tools and some tricks you can do in […]

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On Crappy Components

My wireless card is getting worse. I’m starting to miss the one that just crashed out instead of random stuttering whenever I’m downloading things. I think the heat is what’s making it worse than normal, at least I hope that’s what it is. The heat will die off, but I’m not in the mood to […]

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On Working Long Hours

3 hour planned network topology change after work snowballs into a disaster and then into a freak sales day … 28 consecutive hours in the office. Bluh.

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Wherein UPlay Once Again Draws My Ire

So I grabbed Heroes of Might and Magic 6 (or however they’re doing the title now), mainly out of a lingering fondness for the much older games, plus after the previous couple disappointments with similar games, I wanted to seeĀ  how the latest iteration was doing. I found much to my dismay that this was […]

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Why Yes, I Do Know How To Spell Pseudo

Just ignore the fact that the titles changed on 100-ish posts. I for one blame WordPress or Firefox for not spell-checking on post titles.

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