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New Adventures In Unity: Cameras, Coordinates, and Consternation

Hey, we’re back-ish. We’ve made some more progress, but nothing worth posting a new version over yet. Improvements: Camera shenanigans. Partly for the intro system, partly for later. We’ve got pan and zoom down though. Also playing around with screenshake, but I’m not sure whether I want to offload that to the animation system or […]

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New Adventures In Unity: A Featureless Infinite Void

Here’s the latest version. We have gameplay! As long as you consider no win condition, no lose condition, no progression, no feedback, no variety and no enjoyment gameplay. But you can press space to take half damage and make your health bar bottom out slightly slower. It does bring to the forefront how important feedback […]

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New Adventures In Unity: Web Player!

And we’re off to the races. Random thoughts, cool things to know, etc. [SerializeField] allows you to have private variables that are still accessible to the inspector (allowing real-time messing with them). Just stick it in front of the private, and you’re good to go. If your script needs to access components in the object […]

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New Adventures In Unity: Fearsome Foes

Hey, remember when I was all gung-ho about this and then got distracted by basically everything? In my defense Phoenix Wright is one of the DS series I regret missing, and the original trilogy went up on the 3ds store and it’s a huge pain to find the original carts. And then I found a […]

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New Adventures In Unity: Reclaiming The Past

Hey, remember last post where we decided how we were going to implement the world? Yeah, we’re not actually going to do that for some time yet. Sometimes it’s more important to have made the decision than actually implementing the decision. What’s important right now is seeing if the core gameplay I have in mind […]

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New Adventures In Unity: Decision Point Alpha

So we’ve reached the point where we need to make a far-ranging decision that is going to cost us significant time to fix if we change our minds later. In all seriousness, figuring out how we’re going to set up the world and how we transverse it is a pretty significant decision, and we have […]

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New Adventures In Unity: Let’s Do This

So I’ve been holding off on doing this for a while. First waiting for the 2D Update, and then the UI update. Now I don’t see any massive leaps in the horizon, so it’s time to break out my design book and actually start making this. (Warning, incoming Ryan art). I also may have undersold […]

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Unity 4.6

The newest version of Unity is out, and it’s a big one. The UI update finally addresses one of the big blind spots of Unity (which previously you would have had to solve with an external, potentially expensive library), and combined with the 2D update from a couple versions back, I’m pretty sure this will […]

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Adventures In Futility Featuring Ruby

So the program I’ve written has a semi-severe memory leak which means it needs to be restarted about once a week. Days upon days later, it still has a memory leak. I just cannot get a handle on it, because Ruby is horrible. There are memory profiling tools and some tricks you can do in […]

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On Cloud-Based Solutions

So almost my entire week was effectively wasted on bullshit because Heroku decided to randomly stop working. For those of you who don’t know what Heroku is, it’s a cloud based worker spawner with the absolute bare minimum of a scheduler tacked on. You pay for CPU time, so if you just have a bunch […]

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