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Pseudo Review: Human Resources Machine

Human Resources Machine is a coding puzzler by the people who brought you World of Goo and Little Inferno. I enjoyed my time with it, if only because playing with assembler is a bit of a novelty compared to day to day coding. It lasted me about 5 hours, and I skipped a couple of […]

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First Impressions: Space Engineers Early Access

Space engineers is Minecraft, but in space and not as good. That may be an unfair comparison to make, but even against alpha minecraft I’m not sure it holds up too well. The next major upgrade seems to be planets to explore, which will definitely necessitate another look, but for right now, I’m done with […]

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On Regional Pricing

So I opened up steam and found this lovely surprise. *Sigh* Ignoring opening pre-orders 6 months early, sixty dollars was already a price point I was barely willing to pay, for a rare few games that I was assured quality and hundreds of hours of entertainment. I loved the new version of XCOM, generally like […]

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Pseudo Review: Skyforge

Skyforge is a F2P MMORPG themed around sci-fi/fantasy gods. Progression (no leveling, no real reason to fight enemies) is largely managed by a sphere grid, and capped by a weekly resource limit (which means taking several months to several years to unlock every node). While it’s in theory larger than path of exiles, the general […]

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Pseudo Review: Path of Exile

Path of Exile is basically Diablo 2 with a few tweaks, and always online and F2P. The main draw of the game is its massive skill tree, allowing you to specialize pretty heavily. The meta seems to be focused around the hardcore ladders and constantly building new characters to try out different builds. If you […]

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Pseudo Review: A Wizard’s Lizard

A Wizard’s Lizard is basically a less punishing Binding of Isaac. In a notable difference from BOI, you get a single resurrection in a run, but the game gets harder after you die, which I really like. The game is fairly forgiving and there’s progression between runs, which means that its unlikely you’ll be unable […]

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Pseudo Review: 6180 The Moon

6180 The Moon is a platformer. There’s basically nothing to recommend here. The platforming is finicky and boring. The gimmick is that you wrap around the screen, but it’s not a strong enough mechanic to wrap 50 levels/40 minutes around. If the idea intrigues you, get VVVVVV instead, which has better executed screen wrapping puzzles […]

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Pseudo Review: Luftrausers

Luftrausers is an arcade-style shmup with free range of movement. The design here is pretty tight. Getting a decent score is dependent on keeping your multiplier maxed (at 20x), but you heal when you aren’t firing. Therefore a hit-and-run mentality will let you live longer, but you’ll end up with less points than if you […]

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Pseudo Review: The Bridge

The Bridge is a monochrome Escher inspired platformish puzzler. The problem is the gameplay is uninspired, repetitive, and uninteresting. You can either rotate the world left or right and move your character left or right, which doesn’t exactly give you much of a problem space. The Escher elements don’t really add much to the equation, […]

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Pseudo Review: Infinifactory

Infinifactory is a 3D automation line simulator thing from the devious minds who destroyed your brain previously with Spacechem. You get constituent parts of a design and must use various methods of movement and gating to achieve the full design. There’s a tiny story which is mostly told through audio-logs of dead people who failed […]

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