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On Plans and Enemy Contact

So, not dead. Unity work was basically stalled the past two weeks because of real-life nonsense, and I think my NIC is acting up again (I got honest-to-goodness blue screens). *Sigh*. Also how is it almost February again? Gonna have to start PAX planning soon. I did secure a copy of Valkyria Chronicles on sale, […]

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Defaulting Bravely and Other Ephemera

Wee, spent way too much time this week finally beating Bravely Default. I’d be complaining about story-end bits, but wordpress doesn’t appear to have spoiler tags by default and I’m not installing some sketchy plugin that might mess around with my theme just to make that happen. In summary, the game had been beating you […]

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Wherein Steam Sorta Wins (But So Do I)

So the steam auctions are over and the sale has begun, and I made out pretty well, grabbing ~120 bucks worth of games. The downside being I had to put $25 into the system to make it happen. However in doing so, I acquired discounts of which I don’t expect to see for various games […]

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On Steam Gems

So Steam has an auction thing going, transform your old worthless emoticons and backgrounds you’re not using into gems to use as currency in an auction for games you might want. It’s been absolutely fascinating watching the prices jump from basically set as low as you’re allowed to, to basically in step with their gem […]

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On Tangential Ice Cream

So I got distracted by a Baskin Robbins worth of flavors of nonsense, but I’m back and unity stuff should be rolling out again shortly. I have to wonder about the age and location range on the zeitgeist for that particular number association. I don’t think there’s a massive franchise base locally (aaand a quick […]

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Desert Bus 8: Complete

Another Desert Bus, another massive success. The total was 637,000 this year when the stream finally went down. The gdocs sheet containing links to all the highlights can be found here.

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Less Than A Week Until Desert Bus Gonna be an interesting year this year. Chat moving to twitch chat (questionable, we’ll have to see what happens there (I suspect a distinct drop in quality)) and moving to an offsite location, which means it’ll be less charming than hanging out in a basement, but way better for the crew so I can’t […]

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A Return To Blogging

The site has lain dormant for a couple months now, and there’s a multitude of reasons for that. The big ones were getting laid off and that thing-a-day had become less motivational and more soul crushingly oppressive. It had become an obsessive obligation that must be fulfilled and both post quality and my satisfaction with […]

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Initial Adventures In Oculus Rifting

The weekend didn’t exactly go to plan. A lot of my time was spent attempting to get the oculus rift to actually work with my PC. Right off, it turned out my HDMI port was a mini-HDMI port, so that meant it was time to use the included DVI adapter. Sure I lose my second […]

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On the Fragility of Meat

So I’ve started back-filling posts in instead of playing with my new toy. This is because when you lean forwards and your implied vision leans back, your body takes serious offense to it. It’s entirely fascinating, the effect from a second or two of exposure to such a phenomenon is both cumulative and long-lasting.

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