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Desert Bus 9: Sooooon

Less than a week away now, it starts at 10AM Pacific on Saturday. I also got in real early on donations and got 8 hours all to myself.

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On The Passage of Time

Been about a month since I dumped things out of my brain, in which time I’ve had a hard drive start failing, started a new job, read enough translated Xianxias to be incapable of remembering any of them, and played a few videogames. I might do pseudo reviews for some or all of them, but […]

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On PAX 2015

Another PAX complete! My 3ds claims I walked 40k steps, got ~500 streetpasses and generally had a pretty good time. Highlights included a puzzle room in an actual vault that was hidden away in the card against humanity area, and some late night Johan Sebastian Joust (aka the only fun thing to do with a […]

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On Curses and New Technology

So my PAX phone curse hit earlier in the month than usual, but was still powerful enough to reduce my Nexus 4 to unusable slag. For those keeping score at home, that’s 5 for 6. Fortunately Google ships quickly. Unfortunately the only nexus device available for sale at the moment is the Nexus 6, which […]

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On Background Noise

So Jon Stewart is leaving the daily show in August, but comedy central is being awesome and streaming every show he’s ever done (2000+ at this point) starting tomorrow for 42 straight days. I can’t wait to see how long it takes me to get bored of having it on in the background. I […]

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On Gold Rushes

So Oculus has set forth a nice bounty for developers to kill each other over. Also the consumer version and some interesting touch motion controls that would be fun to play with, but mainly the 10 million dollars for indie devs to develop for the Rift. Of course, I’m of the same opinion as LRR […]

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On Holes To Throw Money Down

Right now is really interesting on Kickstarter, we’ve got 3 massive multi-million dollar projects: Bloodstained (AKA Castlevania), Yooka-Laylee (AKA Banjo-Kazooie), and the next Obsidian entry, Bard’s Tale 4. The general consensus was that big pull-ins like this were a thing of the past and that people were souring on Kickstarter, and it’s hard to tell […]

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On Rabbit Holes

So I recently noticed this: Inspecting the element, it appears to be a usability thing for screen-readers that I feel I can probably kill without affecting any of my readership. I love having analytics and webmaster tools, even if they’re mostly pointless on a site like this. On that note… Huh, I appear to be […]

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On The First Of April

I make my return on the one day of the year it’s better to just stay off the internet. Content should resume shortly, and hopefully with a touch more regularity.

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On Deaths of Websites

So Joystiq has kicked the bucket and Club Nintendo is shutting it’s doors for a yet unannounced different loyalty program. Joystiq closing is a bit of a blow. Not because I went to the site at all, but because it hadn’t devolved into massive amounts of clickbait and top X lists. That and this is […]

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