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Pseudo Review: A Wizard’s Lizard

A Wizard’s Lizard is basically a less punishing Binding of Isaac. In a notable difference from BOI, you get a single resurrection in a run, but the game gets harder after you die, which I really like. The game is fairly forgiving and there’s progression between runs, which means that its unlikely you’ll be unable […]

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Pseudo Review: 6180 The Moon

6180 The Moon is a platformer. There’s basically nothing to recommend here. The platforming is finicky and boring. The gimmick is that you wrap around the screen, but it’s not a strong enough mechanic to wrap 50 levels/40 minutes around. If the idea intrigues you, get VVVVVV instead, which has better executed screen wrapping puzzles […]

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On Disappointment

Region locking remains the stupidest thing, especially since I could easily bypass this in a number of ways, either a VPN, routing through my webserver, or installing an addon that mods the HTTP headers. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort though, the ads were too often and the same every time, and a lot […]

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Pseudo Review: Luftrausers

Luftrausers is an arcade-style shmup with free range of movement. The design here is pretty tight. Getting a decent score is dependent on keeping your multiplier maxed (at 20x), but you heal when you aren’t firing. Therefore a hit-and-run mentality will let you live longer, but you’ll end up with less points than if you […]

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Pseudo Review: The Bridge

The Bridge is a monochrome Escher inspired platformish puzzler. The problem is the gameplay is uninspired, repetitive, and uninteresting. You can either rotate the world left or right and move your character left or right, which doesn’t exactly give you much of a problem space. The Escher elements don’t really add much to the equation, […]

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On Background Noise

So Jon Stewart is leaving the daily show in August, but comedy central is being awesome and streaming every show he’s ever done (2000+ at this point) starting tomorrow for 42 straight days. I can’t wait to see how long it takes me to get bored of having it on in the background. I […]

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Pseudo Review: Infinifactory

Infinifactory is a 3D automation line simulator thing from the devious minds who destroyed your brain previously with Spacechem. You get constituent parts of a design and must use various methods of movement and gating to achieve the full design. There’s a tiny story which is mostly told through audio-logs of dead people who failed […]

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Pseudo Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is the first game that actually required a New 3DS. I was massively unimpressed by this game, and for a while I was unsure as to why. It had a potentially interesting setting, an open-ish world, a veritable boatload of sidequests, events tied to the day/night cycle, and a non-standard battle system.  […]

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First Impressions: Mini Metro Early Access

Mini Metro puts you in charge of designing a metro line for a city. You start off drawing lines between three stations, and things escalate until you’re looking at some cthuluesque monstrosity of a metro line wondering how you ended up there. Each week you get additional resources to improve your metro line. Each of […]

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Pseudo Review: Crimsonland

Crimsonland is a top-down arena shooter. It’s also an indie game from the era of game portals. Doing a decade-to-decade comparison, I’m unsure how well it holds up. The truly impressive number of enemies in the early 2000’s isn’t impressive anymore, and the single looping music track is now noticeably bad. The gameplay holds up […]

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